Oakworth Primary School and Nursery

Together We Learn, Together We Grow

Part of Bronte Academy Trust

Statement of Vision


Our vision is for all our children to be happy, safe and have an inspiring, engaging and enjoyable education, building their knowledge and life skills ready to access the next stage of their education.


To achieve our vision, we put our children at the centre of everything we do and give them:

  • The ability to flourish and achieve their very best, testing their limits and playing to their strengths.
  • A strong moral code, firmly embedded tolerance and respect in a kind and nurturing school community
  • A culture of ambition and a wide range of opportunities to thrive in, to create success in their next chapter
  • A unique identity, where diversity is celebrated and adjustments are made in order for everyone to achieve.
  • An exciting, broad and balanced curriculum, led by their passions and interests



Our school is underpinned by our Oakworth Superpowers: respect, resilience, teamwork, kindness, discovery and challenge.

The design and delivery of our curriculum, very much reflects our vision.

  • The children are at the centre of the knowledge based curriculum. Learning is tailored to their needs, abilities and interests
  • Creative and practical opportunities are integral, promoting risk taking and teamwork
  • The  acquisition of knowledge and the skills to build knowledge are key
  • Revisiting learning to build on skills and knowledge, and celebrate and remember ‘magic moments’ builds confidence and self esteem, preparing them for the next stage



Our vision means our education at Oakworth is very much about the whole child. Our children are knowledgeable,  nurtured, secure and well equipped to tackle the next stage of their education, and life beyond.


Our School Equality Values:

  • All learners are of equal value.
  • As a school we recognise, respect and value our differences.
  • We observe and respect equality practices in staff and pupil, recruitment, retention and development.
  • We aim to reduce or remove any inequalities or barriers that do exist.
  • We have the highest expectations of our pupils and ourselves.