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Welcome to Reception

Tigers & Lions

This half term Reception have been very busy discovering, ‘What’s hiding underground’.

We have read stories about animals and the natural world. We learnt about the life cycle of an acorn, how to make predictions and to look at how the characters are feeling in the different stories. We made up actions, used puppets and masks to help us retell the stories.

We made pumpkin soup ‘the best we’ve ever tasted’ by chopping and cooking the different vegetables. Some of us didn’t like it!

We have been making patterns and sorting objects in maths and beginning to learn about 1,2,3 we can now see the different amounts and say the number without counting them. We call this subitising.

We have learnt about Harvest and had a lovely visit from Rev. Jemma who told us about how we can be kind and share. We also learnt how to keep ourselves safe and who can help us if we feel sad or worried.

The Acorn.... 'You look tasty!'

The Something..... What's hiding down the hole?

Pumpkin Soup.... 'The best you've ever tasted!'

Rev. Jemma came to visit Reception to talk about how important Harvest is. We learnt how our food will be shared with people in our community.


We turned into pirates for our P.E lessons and developed our skills of following instructions, stopping on command, finding a safe space and keeping it whilst moving around at different speeds and finding different ways of moving and landing safely. As you can see we transformed into sneaky pirates to steal the treasure! We had a great time.

Exploring Time!

We have been having a lovely time exploring and discovering in our new environment.

We have made new friends and learnt our new routines for being at school for the whole day.