Part of Bronte Academy Trust

Staff List

Headteacher:  Miss B Vargassoff (Designated Safeguarding Lead - DSL)
Assistant Headteachers Miss D Blott (Base Two Leader – Deputy DSL)
Miss S Layfield (Base Three Leader and Sendco – Deputy DSL)
Ms R Gavin
Nursery:  Mrs C Hammond (First Aider)
Mrs B Eastell – Lunch cover only Tues - Fri
Ms B Firth – Lunch cover only
Ms P Jones (First Aider) – AM only
Mrs K Lobley (First Aider)
Mrs K Mashiter (First Aider)
Mrs N Rawnsley (First Aider) - Lunch Cover
Reception:  Mrs R Hutley (First Aider)
Miss R Quinlan
Mrs N Scott
Mrs K Binns (First Aider)
Mrs Y Hands (First Aider)
Year 1:  Miss E Rook
Mrs E Wise
Ms J Cartwright (AM only)
Ms B Firth (AM only)
Ms P Jones (First Aider) – PM only
Mrs S King
Mrs B Shackleton – PM only
Year 2:  Miss D Blott (Base Leader/Years Two & Three)
Miss E Summerfield
Mrs E Turley
Ms K Mitchell (First Aider - from January 2019)
Ms H Sharpe
Year 3:  Miss Z Baker
Mrs C Owen
Mrs A Sells
Ms B Sharp (First Aider)
Mrs A Hakes (First Aider)
Year 4:  Mr B Fawcett
Mrs P Miller
Mrs B Shackleton – AM only
Year 5:  Miss G Kenney
Mrs L Myers-Roberts
Mrs J Sayer
Year 6 Mrs L Hearn
Mr M Oakes
Mrs J Osborne (Deputy DSL & First Aider)
Additional Teachers:  Mr J Bradley
Mrs H Clifford
Miss S Layfield
Trainee Teachers: 
HLTA:  Mrs B Eastell
Administration Team
Admin Assistant:  Mrs E Olsson
Business Manager:  Mrs G Skwarek
Data Manager:  Mrs M Horsfield
 Care Club:
Leader:  Mrs J Osborne (Deputy DSL & First Aider)
  Ms B Firth
Mrs K Smith (First Aider)
Mrs L Chapman
Mrs S Grant
IT Support:  Mr M Batey
Kitchen Team
Catering Manager:  Mrs K McAndrew
Kitchen Assistants:  Ms J Cartwright
Mrs L Chapman
Mrs D Thomas
Ms S Walsh
Ms S Wycherley
Lunchtime Supervisors:  Mrs J Busfield
Ms J Cartwright
Mrs A Ellison  
Mrs B Gill
Mrs S Grant
Mrs K Guffick
Miss L Hastings
Mrs S Normington
Mrs C Pickles (First Aider)
Mrs H Scargill
Mrs K Smith (First Aider)
Miss C Wood (Play Leader)
Parental Involvement:  Mrs H Scargill
Pastoral Support:  Mrs P Calvert (Deputy DSL - AM only)
Mrs B Shackleton  (Pastoral Named Person)


Premises Team
Cleaner:  Mrs J Busfield
Cleaner:  Ms K Denniss
Cleaner:  Ms S Hurst
Cleaner:  Ms S Wycherley
Handyperson:  Mr B Hedges
Site Manager:  Mr K Hutchinson
Repro Administrators:  Mrs K Smith (First Aider)
Miss C Wood
School Crossing Patrol:  Mrs C Pickles
Our Staff Code of Conduct can be found on our polices page here