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Welcome to Nursery Hippos

Preparing for Summer 2

Our new learning for Summer 2 will be focusing on different animals - please see our half termly overview for specific information. 

During Summer 2, your child will have opportunity to meet their new Reception teacher and the staff that will be working alongside them. Children will spend time in their new classroom and the Reception staff will visit us in our Nursery classroom. Transition day is always handled very sensitively and supportively, with the needs of the children at the forefront of the experience.

Please keep an eye on emails/texts announcing Transition day and speak to any member of Nursery staff if you have any comments or questions about the event.



17th May 

We arrived at school to find one of our caterpillars had transformed into a chrysalis!

On the 18th....2 more had transformed.

Caterpillar update!

The caterpillars have been eating lots. We have noticed that they have been climbing up to the lid and forming their 'J' position - something they do before they turn into a chrysalis. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillars in Nursery!

The children were very excited for the arrival of our baby caterpillars. We have watched them eat and eat...and eat! 

Summer 1

Minibeasts - What creatures are in our garden? 

Jobs in the Community Visit

A wonderful visit from PCSO Mynott. He explained all about his job role in the community and we got to try lots of police outfits on!

We were even lucky enough to have a radio call with one of his colleagues who wished us a good day!

Planting Peas!

The Hippos had a lovely time planting the pea seeds. We learnt that they need lots of sunshine, water and soil to grow into big healthy plants. We cannot wait for harvest later in the school year.

World Book Day in Hippos

Spring 1 (week 5 onwards)

Spring 2


What else is out there?

Spring 1 (4 Weeks)


What is in the egg?

Following the interests of the children led us into our Dinosaur Topic. An odd egg appeared in the room in a very large nest. The Hippos had a good think about what could possibly be found in such a large egg?!


Autumn 2

Light and Dark

What happens at night?

We have been doing a lot of prediction this half term...we had to try and guess what our new book could be about (Owl Babies), however we didn't have lots of clues! As the days progressed, we were given more clues like feathers to try and focus in our predictions!

The "dark den" was a huge hit! Lots of torches, colour paddles and prisms to redirect light. We had lots of opportunities to explore how to change light and how we feel when it is dark.

Towards the end of the half term, it was Christmas in the Hippo class! We learnt some lovely Christmas tunes, which will no doubt stick with you forever...I want a hippopotamus for Christmas... The children were amazing during their Christmas Performance. The confidence they exhibited in front of so many faces was wonderful. 

Autumn 1 

My Nursery and Me

Who am I?

Welcome to Nursery!

This half term the children in the Nursery class have been settling in and getting used to the routines of school life. The children have been very busy in the outdoor provision; working on their gross motor and team skills. 

The Hippos have been trying hard to get themselves "suited and booted" when going outside, helping them to work on their dressing skills.

During our PE lessons on Fridays, we have been working hard to listen to instructions playing "stop/start" games and moving around the hall with confidence.

A wonderful start to a wonderful year!