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Year Three


AT1- Why did the Stone Age Rock? 

This half term Year 3 have looked at the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. They decided they wanted to learn about clothing, weapons, houses, monuments and food. Each week we learnt new information about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We have created Prehistoric menus, weapons, houses and pupils brought in some amazing Stonehenge models they had made at home. We also made our own Prehistoric capes using a back stitch, running stitch, seam allowance, attaching buttons and printing designs. Both Dolphins and Whales wanted to present their work in the style of a museum but with current restrictions they decided a virtual museum would be best. The pupils created their own information cards and speeches and set up their displays. Each class presented their work in different ways  and were very eager to share their virtual museums with you all!

AT2- Amazing America

This half term we have looked at North America. We wanted to create a travel agents at the end of the topic so we spent lots of time finding out about different places in America. The pupils have used their map skills to locate countries in North America and to create their own map. They have also researched and created some lovely presentations. We had our passports stamped to say we had visited North America. We also tried some food from some of the North American countries, listened to Reggae Music and hula danced to Ruby's ukulele performance! Here are some pictures of us having fun and learning lots about North America!