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Year 4

Summer 2 - Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Summer 1 - In which countries is water more precious than gold? (global focus)

Spring 2 - Is water more precious than gold? (local focus)

Here are some of the podcasts that children produced as part of their ancient Egyptian topic in 4 Tigers. We have some super recordings, starring James, Heidi, Max, Nathan, Zidan, Zack, Edie, Hami, Harry, Lexie, Adrian, Myah, Austin, Ava, Ned and others too. Well done all and a big thank you to those at home whose Egyptian topic work has been brilliant. Enjoy!

Spring term 1 - Creating a Night at the (ancient Egyptian) Museum

4 Lions at Christmas

4 Tigers at Christmas

Autumn term 2 - Monsters Inc. Academy: whose monster will make it into the academy? 

Autumn term 1 - What have the Romans done for us? 

Our long-term plan for 2020-21