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Year Five 2021-22

Autumn Term 1

Learning about Anglo-Saxon life by researching and making a Saxon village or house

Forest School - Developing our team worker skills

Forest School - Beginning to get a feel of life in Anglo-Saxon times.  Trying the skill of weaving in the woods.

Information booklet for Year 5 2021-22

Year 5 2020-21

Summer Term 2

Rio Costumes

After researching Rio Carnival costumes, creating mood boards of our ideas, designing our own costumes and learning sewing and tie dye skills, we finally got to make our own costumes.  We learnt how to do many different tie dye techniques and how to do the running stitch and back stitch in sewing in order to attach things to our t-shirts. It was so much fun and the end products are starting to look amazing!  Unfortunately, due to isolating, our Rio Carnival  isn't going to be quite what we planned but we will still have fun! 

Our Wow Start

To launch our topic, the children had to buckle their seatbelts and board a plane to an unknown destination, our continent of study!  When we arrived, they were given a range of clues, which gave them an insight as to what our topic was.  For every clue answered correctly, they received a piece of a jigsaw which when put together made a continent.  It was challenging but great fun!  In the afternoon, the children researched about South America in groups and presented their findings to the class.


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Super Scientists

Our end challenge for this half-term was to enthuse some of the younger children in school about science.  We planned and wrote a script for a short science experiment based on our learning and filmed them for them to watch.  Here are a couple for you to enjoy.

Mad Professors

Oakworth Investigators

Out of this World!

Our Final Project

As part of our final project we were asked to create an exhibition for a museum which explains all about the planets in our Solar System. All the children at school and at home created some amazing pieces of work, showing off what they had learnt and their incredible creative skills.

Who can make the most successful Viking boat?

Our amazing finished Viking boats.