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Year 6 Falcons World Book Day and Red Nose Day

Spring 2
Why did the world go to war?

Wow Start

First, we looked at the causes of World War 2 and created a timeline of events leading up to and including the early years of the war.  This afternoon, we shared our amazing holiday projects and prepared our classroom for invasion.

Spring 1
Why are Rainforests so important?

Fab Finish

To conclude their fabulous rainforest topic, Year 6 Falcons created their own rainforest samba-style rhythms using an array of instruments and classroom objects!  Good fun was had by all and some great team up and creative skills were evident for all to see.

Festive Photos

Autumn 2
Were the Tudors really terrible?

Coding Tudor Quizzes

Year 6 have been honing their coding skills this half-term.  Children began by improving basic lines of code given to them to make a games to practise their times-tables. At the end of the half-term, they then developed a Tudor quiz on Scratch using excellent coding skills. 

Heart to Heart

Year 6 spent an enjoyable afternoon dissecting lambs' hearts to understand their own bodies better.  Children learned about the chambers of the heart and the vessels taking blood to and away from the heart.

Tudor Water Experiment

Year 6 launched their Tudors topic with a science investigation to replicate a problem faced by the Tudors: how to make water clean enough to use.  Groups did their best to purify the water using a range of implements and measured their successes by using a light meter.  Children were very creative and learned the value of (a) having a clear plan (b) cooperative working and (c) from a scientific perspective, the importance of repeating a process.

Spring 2
Why did the World go to War?

Year 6 had a fantastic Wow Start dressed as evacuees! We learned so much about how the war started, took part in role-plays, and even learned about how our local station was used in WWII. Thanks to all parents for kitting your children out - they've asked if they can come to school dressed like this everyday! :)