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Oakworth's Nurture Room

Our newly designed nurture room is carefully arranged to have the best of both classroom and a home environment. It is designed to be warm and welcoming in order to provide a consistent, predictable and safe place for children. The provision provided in this space aims to support your child in developing their individual needs and links closely to the PSHE curriculum. The room can be used for sharing stories, circle times, sensory groups, socialising and for completing tasks. It may also be used as a quiet area for children to use for thinking time or for finding their own space. Alongside this room, we are also very fortunate to have our own sensory garden, a space for discovery and freedom to make noise, run around and even grow our own fruits and vegetables!

The Nurture Room is also the hub for our ‘Breakfast Club’, where children are able to have a settled and social start to their morning, as well as share a mealtime together. Breakfast Club runs from 8.30 am-8.45 am every morning and is open to children in Reception upwards. if you are interested in this service, please contact a member of the nurture team below.

The Nurture Team

Nurture Lead/PIW - Mrs H Scargill

SENDCO/ Assistant Headteacher - Miss S Layfield

Please phone the school office and request to speak to one of the above. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

For safeguarding questions or concerns, please contact

Headteacher/ Safeguarding Lead - Miss B Vargassoff

Deputy Safeguarding Leads- Miss D Blott, Miss S Layfield or Mrs R Gavin

Your child may be invited to attend the Nurture Room for many different reasons, sometimes it may be to support them or they may have been invited by a peer.

The Nurture Room aims to boost confidence and self-esteem and provide children with extra skills to improve social skills and independence for example:

  • To engage

  • To settle

  • To listen

  • To concentrate

  • To share and take turns

  • To accept losing a game

  • To build friendship with their classmates

  • Gives opportunities to talk about and understand their feelings

  • To work on curriculum-based activities from their classrooms.

  • To experience and practice the development of a positive relationship

  • For transition activities

  • To develop life skills

  • To work on targets linked to their special education needs

In the first instance, you should always speak to the class teacher about any questions or concerns you have. They may pass on your request to the Nurture team or they may suggest an alternative, which they feel will benefit your child more.

Our Nurture Room is always busy with activity, so sometimes your child can't always be seen by the team immediately.