Oakworth Primary School and Nursery

Together We Learn, Together We Grow

Part of Bronte Academy Trust

Intent, Implementation, Impact


Statement of Intent

Empowering our children. Always.

It is our quest to shape young Superheroes who are powered by respect, resilience, teamwork, kindness, discovery and challenge. Like superheroes we believe our children need:

Extraordinary powers – the ability to flourish and achieve their very best, testing their limits and playing to their strengths. 

A strong moral code – firmly embedded tolerance and respect in a kind and nurturing school community

Motivation – A culture of ambition and a wide range of opportunities to thrive in, to create success in their next chapter

A unique identity - where diversity is celebrated and adjustments are made in order for everyone to achieve. 

Our children are the centre of our universe and we celebrate their individuality and diversity, promote equity and are proud of them being well equipped to tackle the next stage of their education, happy, prepared and with the world at their feet.



To keep our children at the centre of our school universe, our curriculum is planned and delivered to suit the needs of the children. Year groups teams take ownership of grouping subject units and skills together, in a way that creates meaningful, appropriate and relevant links. It means that the curriculum reflects our quest to be child centred, and children will get different experiences year on year. Every unit starts and ends with a ‘project outcome’ and planning is done weekly to build on the children’s learning and be steered by their imagination and interests. Coverage is carefully monitored and discrete teaching occurs when necessary. We wholeheartedly believe in learning occurring outside of the classroom, and we utilise wider learning opportunities wherever possible to enrich learning. 

During the academic year to further enhance their learning children take part in Forest Schools and enrichment initiatives. Through lots of practical activities, which focus on risk-taking, creativity and teamwork, children grow in self-esteem and confidence, thus supporting their ability to learn in other subjects.



Education at Oakworth is very much about the whole ‘Oakworth Child’, and we endeavour to present them with as many experiences as possible to equip them for life beyond Oakworth.

As children move through our school, they learn progressive skills and a wide variety of knowledge in a range of subjects. This learning is assessed on a termly basis, allowing subject leaders and teachers to provide scaffolding and challenge for a range of abilities, a bespoke education for all.

English and Maths skills are firmly embedded in our school and our curriculum presents children with a range of opportunities and experiences to use and develop them.   Our Curriculum empowers children to become independent, aspirational and resilient learners, ready for the next stage of their education.

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