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Year Two

Year 2 – Castles

The children had a fantastic day at Skipton Castle today.  The sun shone and the children became fact finders and learnt some really interesting facts about castles.  They all got the opportunity to pretend to shoot an arrow through the arrow slits and traveled the staircase down to the dark, creepy dungeons.


Year 2 – Remembrance Day – Monday 11th November 2019

Today, the Year 2 children paid their respect at the Oakworth War Memorial and remembered all those that fought and lost their lives in World War One.  The children came dressed in war outfits and made their own poppies to wear, as well as creating a poppy wreath that they laid at the cenotaph.  We took part in a two-minute silence at 11am and learnt all about the events of the war throughout the day. 

We were extremely lucky and grateful to also welcome some special visitors to school today.  Andrea Leathley kindly brought some old wartime vehicles, field kitchen and weapons (all decommissioned don’t worry) into the school playground.  The children got the chance to sit in the jeep and find out how they worked and what they were used for.   The children loved finding out about them, and the rain didn’t dampen any of their smiles or enthusiasm.  A special thank you to Andrea for sharing her passion and knowledge of this period in time with the children.

Year 2 – What makes a hero?

During the Autumn term, Year 2 were asked the question, ‘What makes a hero?’  As a year group they decided they wanted to celebrate the heroes in their own community, by hosting a Pride of Oakworth Award Ceremony. 

The children researched different heroes from different times in history and discussed the impact their heroic actions had on life today. The children watched the Pride of Britain Awards and used this as inspiration and guidance on how best to plan and prepare for their own ceremony.

The work the children did in organising the ceremony was nothing short of amazing!  They planned all aspects including, the decorations, food & drink, speeches, invitations, entertainment, award medals and certificates, not to mention the all-important hero nomination questionnaires that went out to the whole school. 

At the end of the topic, Year 2 opened the hall doors and hosted The Pride of Oakworth Award Ceremony.  It was a full house and a super example of community cohesion at its very best!

There was music, laughter, pride and lots of tears of happiness shed but most importantly lots of amazing, long lasting, memories made.  A number of heroes were recognised on this day, however the staff in Year 2 had 60 little heroes sat in front of them, THE YEAR 2 CHILDREN.  Well done Whales and Dolphins, we are very proud of you.

Year 2 - World Book Day

Dolphins and Whales dived into lots of books today.  The children loved getting dressed up as their favourite book characters.  They got the opportunity to share their love of reading with their peers, not only in Year 2, but they became reading buddies for the day with the children in Year 6.

Year 2 – Around the World in 12 Weeks

This half term, Year 2 have been travelling around the world learning about different countries and continents.  They have been comparing different non-European countries to the UK and identifying human and physical geographical features.  We went for a super walk around Oakworth and thought about how the village compared to other villages, towns and cities.  The children have cooked and sampled food from around the world and learnt about different heritages and cultures.  Famous people from around the world have been discussed and the children did some super portraits of Nelson Mandela.

Year 2 – School Closure

The classes of 2019-2020 have experienced a very strange and challenging year, with a school closure taking place and the uncertainty of when we will return.  Despite this, Year 2 have still been working hard at home and accessing the online learning platforms.  We would like to share with you some of the super work they have been doing. 

Keep up the great work, keep posting and more importantly, KEEP SMILING!!!!!!!!

Mrs Turley, Miss Blott and Miss Quinlan

Enrichment Art using Natural Materials