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Year Three

What makes the world angry? 

At the beginning of this topic our children were asked the question, "What makes the world angry?"

As a year group they decided that during the term they wanted to plan and prepare a presentation and information evening for their parents/guardians to attend.

The children then had to discover what they needed to find out and plan for this event. They created lots of ideas and asked many questions which led the learning throughout the weeks. 


At the end of the topic they hosted the evening which was AMAZING and something they were very proud of! They decided that they wanted to raise money for the charity DEC and from the night they successfully raised over £100. 

Well done Tigers and Lions!

Delicious Dragons Den

For our WOW start we had a visitor from And Chocolate in Haworth. He taught us where chocolate came from and we learned that chocolate came from a cocoa pod. Inside a cocoa pod are cocoa nibs, he let us taste the nibs. They were very bitter, most of us didn't like the taste. He also let us taste some other delicious chocolate that he sells in his shop. They tasted much better! 

In the afternoon tasted lots of different chocolate flavours. We thought about the appearance, smell, texture and taste as we sampled the different flavours. Some of the chocolate bars were delicious but some we didn't enjoy as much - for example chilli chocolate which made our tongues tingle.

Throughout this topic we designed and made our own chocolate bars. We experimented with different  flavours and used surveys to find out which flavours different people prefer. We designed and made our own packaging and used our evaluating skills to improve our designs.

Once we had completed our chocolate bars and packaging we prepared group presentations to present to the Dragons. We developed our team work and our presentation skills to create amazing PowerPoint presentations which explained to the Dragons all about the products we had designed and made. The Dragons were very impressed with our presentations and how creative our ideas were. They especially enjoyed tasting the interesting flavours we had created (even bacon and toast). We were all very proud of the presentations we showed the Dragons and really enjoyed this topic.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Year 3 have been learning about the different parts of a plant. We enjoyed dissecting different plants to find out what the different parts looks like.