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Year Four

Computing - using avatars to keep safe online 

Children in year four looked at avatars on Safer Internet Day 2020.  Avatars are everywhere!  Children learned that avatars are a useful tool to protect an identity. We looked at the risks of posting pictures of ourselves online. Children then moved to create their own avatars. 

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Monsters Inc. Academy

Year 4 enjoyed a creative half term researching, designing and making monsters for Monsters Inc Academy.  After using the stimuli of Monsters Inc, Sulley challenged Year 4 to create a new monster to enter the academy. Year 1 children were selected as the judges and the fun began! The children made an action plan which dictated their learning for the half term.  This started with researching monsters and toys and creating surveys to see what year 1 children wanted their monster to look like and do.  They then explored electricity in science, in order to make their monster make sounds or light up.  In DT they investigated ways of making their monsters move using pneumatic systems.  The final showcase involved the children presenting their final monsters to Year 1, who voted for the overall winners.  The final monster products were so varied and amazing!  Well done Year 4!

Night at the Egyptian Museum

A mummification challenge to start our topic of.  Everybody got really wrapped up in it!

Preparing for our Egyptian Museum.  We've been extremely busy!

Our Night at the Egyptian Museum

This half-term, Year 4 have planned, prepared and hosted a ‘Night at the Egyptian Museum’.  After given the initial challenge, the children decided on what they would like to include in their museum and how they would make their museum come to life!  Much thought was put into what they needed to learn in order to become experts on the topic of Egypt and they created their own learning journey.  The museum was an enormous success and the people invited not only learnt a lot about this time period but also had fun learning in an interactive and memorable way.  The museum included pyramid hunting facts and games, a café of Egyptian food, dress-up and photo both, mummification drama, sarcophagus models (including a life size one), canopic jar games, Tutankhamun art gallery, power points of facts, feely box knowledge finder, River Nile models and hieroglyphic reading.  Well done Year 4 for creating such an impressive museum and showing great independence and ownership in making it happen.

Enrichment Art using Natural Materials

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