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2020 Virtual Christmas Cards


This year we have not been able to send Christmas cards in the usual way.  We wanted to give every child in school the opportunity to share their festive wishes with friends and family through our online Christmas card gallery.  Every child has designed their own special card and each year group used skills specific to our art curriuculum to produce their independent work.  They have done an amazing job and we are very proud to be able to share them with you.  Merry Christmas from everyone at Oakworth.


Key Skills:

Manipulates materials to achieve a planned effect.

Children follow instructions involving several ideas or actions.

Children experiment with a variety of materials thinking about colour, design, texture, form and function.

Handles tools and materials safely and with increasing control.

Use appropriate language to describe colours, media, equipment and textures.

Uses simple tools to effect changes to materials.

Can use scissors to cut on a line.

Can make simple pictures by printing from objects.

Nursery - Hippos Class


Key Skills:

Learn how to cut, glue and trim material.

Have some experience of weaving and understand the process and some techniques.

Use appropriate language to describe colours, media, equipment and textures.

Can use scissors to cut straight lines and curves.

Begin to identify different types and textures of fabric and materials for collage.

Explore printing simple pictures with a range of hard and soft materials e.g. cork, pen barrels, sponge, resist printing, making rubbings.


Key Skills

Begin to control the types of marks made with a range of painting techniques e.g. layering, mixing media, and adding texture.

Continue experimenting to lighten and darken including using black and white, applying less/more paint, using texture and colour choice.

Begin to mix colour shades and tones.

Continue to control the types of marks made with the range of media and tools.

Use a brush to produce marks appropriate to work. E.g. small brush for small marks.


Key Skills:

Developing intricate patterns/ marks with a variety of media.

Demonstrate experience in different grades of pencil and other implements to draw different forms and shapes.

Begin to show an awareness of objects having a third dimension and perspective.

Create textures and patterns with a wide range of drawing implements.

Year 4 

Key Skills:

Use layered fabrics to create fabric collages.

Develop ideas from starting points and explore ideas in a variety of ways.

Select and arrange materials for a striking effect

Use mosaic effectively to create an individual final piece that is well thought out and unique.

Begin to choose appropriate media to work with.

 Mix colour, shades and tones with increasing confidence.



Key Skills

Work in a sustained and independent way to create a detailed drawing.

Use different techniques for different purposes i.e. shading, hatching within their own work.

Develop further simple perspective in using a single focal point and horizon.

Begin to develop an awareness of composition, scale and proportion in their paintings.

Confidently control the types of marks made and experiment with different effects and textures.

Mix and match colours to create atmosphere and light effects.



Key Skills:

Experiment with combining a range of images and materials using collage and mixed media.

Describe techniques and processes.

Purposely control the types of marks made and experiment with different effects and textures inc. blocking in colour, washes, thickened paint creating textural effects.