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Stars of the Week


Friday 22nd January 2021


RR Noland For working hard on his home learning and uploading it onto tapestry.
RG Harper For working hard on her letter formation and phonics sounds.
1B Adam For working so hard on his home learning.
1M Vinnie For being a maths whizz this week.
2P Cameron
For outstanding effort and hard work in home learning.
2H Esmae For excellent effort with ALL of the home learning. We are so proud of you!
3W Evie For always taking pride in her work and being a friend to others.
3D Ivy For her contributions to class and amazing work ethic. 
4T Adrian For his super effort in trying to improve his handwriting. You can do it, Adrian!
4L Ruby Ruby is using great expression and character voices in her daily reading.
5K Jake Wonderful determination and independence in home learning.  We are very proud of you.  Keep it up!
5M Tom For working really hard on his home learning, we are really proud of you. Keep up the hard work! 
6P Jake Super remote learning this week.
6C Thomas For producing some fab artwork in our printing lesson yesterday.


Friday 15th January 2021

RR Wilfred  for trying really hard with his writing this week!
RG Lula  Working so hard and so independently this week 
1B Toby For being so enthusiastic about his writing this week and applying his phonics
1M Harper S For her amazing animal feeder she made at home. Harper has sawn her own wood, drilled holes and nailed it together!
2P Bethany For always being a kind and polite member of Penguin class
2H William For super science work this week learning about omnivores carnivores and herbivores 
3W Kenadie Keeping up high standards in her home learning and taking on every challenge with. resilience. 
3D Alexa  For producing some amazing work from home, well done!
4T Nathan  Fantastic homework using excellent computing skills to impressive effect. Well done, Nathan.
4L Miko Miko made a detailed illustration, celebrating her uniqueness and individuality in our PSHE lesson
5K Fern Super resilience in maths and wonderful art evaluations and use of previous knowledge.
5M Jake and Ben For working super hard all week and giving 100% in all they have been doing!
6P Bobby Outstanding effort with home learning this week.
6C Santi Given 100% effort all week


Friday 18th December 2020


6P Jamie K Amazing effort in English this week!
6C Jacob C Using his challenge superpower this week and always smiling in the face of adversity!
5K Arthur M For his enthusiasm for the panto!
5M Heidi L For her superb attitude, always!
4T James H For being a shining example to others, well done!
4L Max F Incredible general knowledge in our class quiz, wow!
3W Harry D Teamwork, all week, fantastic! 
3D Eleanor W Wonderful Christmas artwork, super!
2H Emmi P For a super set of instructions in English!
2P Jacob WY For using all his superpowers this week! 
1B Zidan A ALWAYS trying his best!
1M Libby J For some amazing Christmas artwork and helping her classmates, so kind!

Friday 11th December 2020


Jordan T

"Amazing focus and effort all week!"
6C Ewan F "A fantastic newspaper report!"
5M Eva S "Always a role model and a delight to teach!"
5K Neve K "Massive improvement in reading, well done you!"
4T Rose F "Wonderful art skills during card making!"
4L May B "Beautiful handwriting - what an improvement this half term!"
3D Jacob K "Superb effort in all his subjects!"
3W Sonny W "Using his Challenge Superpower all week, particularly in discussions!"
2H Iris C "A super diary entry!"
2P Zach H "Amazing effort with his diary entry!"
1B Anabelle T "A role model, always, well done!"
1M Eimear T "Being such a helpful member of the class during Christmas fun!"


Friday 4th December 2020

6P Ollie S "His enthusiasm in all he has done this week has been amazing!"
6C Harvey D "For being a role model in class and a mature and kind friend."
5K Jake H "Incredible perseverance in DT, never giving up on trying to improve his design."
5M Lillie B "Amazing DT skills with the Viking longboats!"
4T Ned W and Lily G "They worked together so well making their Iron Man monster. It looks great."
4L  Adam K "A tough start to the week, but he has worked so hard to improve his handwriting and has shown sheer determination."
3W Lola K "Super impressive maths skills, she is a SUPERHERO!"
3D Tyler S "Excellent contributions in class discussions."
2H Jonah C "For trying so hard all week and being so helpful always."
2P Reggie H "Outstanding maths skills."
1B Sebastian K "Using his challenge superpower all week, WOW!"
1M Lola T "A brave and super solo in the performance."