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September 14 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,                                                                                            

We are now settling into the Autumn term and the children have been enjoying ‘Wow Starts’ to immerse themselves into their new class topics.

Earlier this week, Year 1 investigated a mysterious crashed spaceship on the school playground. Year 2 tackled an outdoor, fact-finding Saltaire treasure hunt. Year 3 completed a ‘Survival Challenge’ and painted pictures using twigs and berries. Year 4 learnt all about mummification (and even had a go, many toilet rolls were used in the process). Year 5 made beautiful salt dough Anglo Saxon brooches and Year 6 enjoyed a toga party and then re-created the Greek Olympics in Holden Park!

Our Reception and Nursery Hippo children have been sampling their very first school lunches and we have been so impressed with their lovely manners, healthy appetites and willingness to give everything a try. We look forward to getting to know all of the new children who have joined our school really well in the coming weeks and hope that they will be very happy here.

As last year, all of the children in school will be getting a taste of the great outdoors as we continue with our popular ‘Forest Schools’ outdoor learning sessions. Come rain or shine, each class will again have the opportunity to work with a Forest Schools specialist in our fantastic local environment and will take part in activities linked to their class topics. We were thrilled with the enthusiastic way that the children embraced this different pathway to learning last year and hope that they will again enjoy this unique experience.

Many of you will be well aware of our excellent sporting tradition here at Oakworth. The school organises a variety of clubs and activities for the children to participate in and we have enjoyed a number of sporting successes, at both local and regional level. Mrs Sells has ably led our PE provision for several years and she has now handed over this responsibility to Mr Bradley, who will be working full time as a PE Leader in school. Under his direction, this wide range of extra-curricular provision will continue and he will also be delivering specialist PE teaching for every class, from Nursery right through to Year 6.

Finally, I would just like to give you plenty of notice of the date for our first Parent’s Evening of the year. This will take place on Thursday 19th October from 4 – 7pm and will give you all the opportunity to meet your child’s new class teacher(s) to discuss your child’s learning.

Kind regards,


Mrs J. Mayo

June 16 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to the last part of the school year - we hope that you all enjoyed the Spring Bank holiday and had lots of family fun together! As you are already aware, there are lots of exciting learning events and activities planned for this busy half term:

New Nursery Parents’ Meeting – Thursday 22nd June at 6:00pm

5 Jaguars Parents’ Assembly – Friday 23rd June at 9:15am

Whole-School Topic ‘Wow Start’ – Monday 26th June

New Reception Parents’ Meeting – Thursday 29th June at 6:00pm

Year 6 Secondary Transition Day - children in main school visit their new classes all day;

                        (Nursery children visit Reception am only) – Wednesday 5th July

Year 2 to 3 Transition Meeting – Tuesday 11th July at 3:20pm

Sports’ Day – Friday 7th July: Years 3-6- morning/Reception/Years 1-2 – afternoon

                        (Reserve Sports’ Day Date – Friday 14th July)

Year 6 Cabaret – Monday 17th July at 6pm

School Summer Fayre – Tuesday 18th July (pm)

Last day at Nursery – Wednesday 19th July

Whole School Trip – Thursday 20th July

Going for Gold Assembly’s – KS2: Monday 24th July and R/KS1: Tuesday 25th July at 9:15am

 End of the School Year (main school) – Tuesday 25th July

More detailed information about each of these will be sent to you shortly and the theme for this year’s whole school topic will be revealed on our ‘Wow Start’ day (Monday 26th June), along with the secret destination and arrangements for our whole school trip on Thursday 20th July.

Mrs Olsson would like to advise you all that dinner money for this half term will be £56.10 (£1.65 per day/£8.25 per week). Please could you ensure that any money owed is paid in full before the end of the school year, as we currently have a substantial amount of unpaid monies outstanding.

Finally, some of the children are already thinking ahead to September and asking me about their next classes. They will be getting the chance to meet their new teachers and support staff on Wednesday 5th July, so I will write to you next week to give you all of the relevant information.

Kind regards,


Mrs J. Mayo  

May 12 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,

Congratulations to our Year 6 children, who completed their Key Stage 2 SATs tests this week.

Along with their teachers and support staff, the children have worked incredibly hard and I know that they were all determined to do their best. The school is proud of every single one of them and we would also like to express our particular thanks to all Year 6 parents and carers, who have worked closely with us throughout the year to ensure that the children had the best preparation possible. Four members of our Governing Body visited school during the week and each of them was impressed with the calm atmosphere and positive attitude of the children. Well done everybody!

Of course, I am sure that you would all agree there is far more to the education of a child than just preparing them for tests and assessments. At Oakworth Primary and across Bronte Academy Trust we strongly believe in delivering a broad and balanced curriculum, that will develop the whole child and foster a love of learning.

Indeed, as I write today, Year 5 have just set off on the bus for their weekly swimming session (following 5 Leopards’ fantastic ‘Space’ class assembly this morning); Year 4 are busy up in the woods building fires and cooking their own food with our Forest Schools Leader; Year 3 are all enjoying reading a good book; Year 2 are entertaining me across the corridor with their beautiful singing; Year 1 are practising their throwing and catching skills on the playground and creating animal dances in the Hall; Reception are proudly showing off their beautiful handwriting and Nursery are out and about in their outdoor area; playing and learning together in the Spring sunshine.

What always strikes me about our school is the children’s boundless enthusiasm and energy for every challenge that we give them and their happiness and pride at being members of the Oakworth Primary School community. It makes all of us who work here feel very privileged to be part of the learning journey that each child completes during their time with us and the school motto ‘Together we learn, Together we grow’ reinforces the unique and special relationships that exist at Oakworth. All of you, as parents and carers, are an integral part of that journey and we very much value the support that we receive from the local community. After all, as the old African proverb says, “It takes a whole village to raise a child”.

Thank you all.


Kind regards,

Mrs J. Mayo

April 24 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to a brand new term at Oakworth Primary! We hope that you all had a lovely Easter break with your children; they have already settled happily back into school and, as I write, are busily getting started on their new class topics.

There was much excitement in school this morning about the new, modular classrooms that were installed during the holidays. Thank you to our neighbours for their patience and understanding during this delicate operation; I am pleased to say that the whole process went without a hitch and Mr Hedges took some fascinating photographs, which you can view on the school website.

These bright and roomy classrooms will give us much needed extra space, as we open our 30-hour Nursery class, however they will actually house our Year 2 classes from September onwards. The two Nursery classes, along with Reception and Year 1 will be based in the main school building and this arrangement will remain in place until the Governing Body are able to secure funding for a planned re-modelling of the school interior, to facilitate a permanent extra classroom.

As always, this Summer term in school will be an extremely busy one, so I would like to give you advance notice of some events that we have already planned:

              Early May Bank Holiday – Monday 1st May (School closed)

              KS2 SATS Week – Monday 8th May to Thursday 11th May inclusive

              5 Leopards Parents’ Assembly – Friday 12th May at 9:15am

              Year 1 Parents’ Assembly – Friday 26th May at 9:15am

              Half-term Holiday – Main School closes Friday 26th May and re-opens Thursday 8th June.


              Year 1 Phonics Screening Check – W/C: Monday 12th June

               5 Jaguars Parents’ Assembly – Friday 23rd June at 9:15am

               Year 6 Transition Day (children in school visit their new classes) – Wednesday 5th July

               Sports’ Day – Friday 7th July: Years 3-6- morning/Reception/Years 1-2 – afternoon

               Year 6 Cabaret – Wednesday 12th July at 6pm

               Summer Fayre – Tuesday 18th July (pm)

                Whole School Trip – Thursday 20th July (to a mystery destination)!

               Going for Gold Assemblies – KS2: Monday 24th July and R/KS1: Tuesday 25th July at 9:15am

               End of the School Year – Tuesday 25th July.

I will, of course, let you know the dates of other school events and transition meetings as soon as these have been arranged.

Finally, Mrs Olsson has asked me to let you know that the current price for school lunches is £1.65 per day; £8.25 per school week or £39.60 if you prefer to pay for the full half term.


Kind regards,

Mrs J. Mayo

March 27 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,

What a brilliant time we all had last week, when the children went wacky with their hair and the ovens of Oakworth were kept busy baking hundreds of buns, cakes and biscuits to sell in aid of Comic Relief!

The School Council and Miss Layfield were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of baking that was donated, which meant that every child in school enjoyed a tasty treat on Friday and there were plenty left to sell after school. In all, we raised a massive £590 for this very worthy cause- what a brilliant effort! Many thanks to everyone involved for their time and generosity.

Speaking of tasty treats, we have noticed recently that some children are regularly bringing packed lunches to school that contain foods which are high in fat and sugar; such as crisps, chocolate biscuits and cakes. We work hard throughout the school to encourage children to develop a healthy lifestyle and, as you know, the kitchen team have revised their menus this year, to ensure that we are delivering the very best nutrition possible for growing youngsters through our school lunches. Please could we request that parents of packed lunch children introduce a ‘Friday Treat Day’ and only send these types of foods into school once each week? In that way, we will all be educating the children to develop healthier eating habits and helping them to understand that certain groups of foods should only be eaten now and again.

Now that the clocks have now gone forward and Spring has officially arrived, we are starting to plan ahead for this year’s exciting whole school trip, which will take place on Thursday 20th July. As always, the destination is top secret, but we are confident that the children will all enjoy a memorable day to mark the end of the school year. I would like to give advance notice regarding the voluntary contribution that we will be requesting from parents and carers- this will be £10 per child, as it was last year. Despite the much publicised pressure on school budgets, the school and its Governing Body have planned ahead and we are again able to subsidise this trip, to ensure that it is affordable for all families. I can’t wait to let the children know where we will be going when we reveal the theme of our whole school topic on 26th June and will write to you all then with more details.

Just a reminder that we have a number of parent assemblies during this last two weeks of term. The Key Stage 2 ‘Going for Gold’ Assembly is on Monday 3rd April at 9:15am and the Early Years and Key Stage 1 ‘Going for Gold’ Assembly is the following day, also at 9:15am. Finally, Year 3 Monkeys will be entertaining their families with their class assembly on Thursday 6th April at 9:15am, before we all break up for the two week Easter holiday on Friday 7th April.


Kind regards,

Mrs J. Mayo

March 7 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,

What a fantastic time we all had celebrating World Book Day last week!

As you are aware, Mrs Ambrose organised a whole week of events to celebrate Oakworth’s love of reading and the children from all parts of the School and Nursery, joined in (as always) with boundless energy and enthusiasm. If you haven’t already clicked onto our website to view the photos and watch the Mannequin Challenge, I can assure you that it is well worth a look. You can also catch a write-up of the week’s activities on the Keighley News website.

Now that March has arrived and the Spring sunshine is brightening up the days, lots of the classes are busy getting out and about to enhance their learning. Year 2 have enjoyed a walk along the banks of the River Worth to look at the river’s features as part of their Forest Schools’ sessions and have also built some fabulous dens in the park. Year 6 went down to Oakworth Station for a drama class to experience first-hand how it must have felt to be an evacuee arriving in the village in World War Two and Nursery are excitedly looking forward to a visit to Briony’s farm to see the newborn animals there.

Reception children spent several days last week solving the mystery of the giant spotted egg that had mysteriously appeared in their classroom! There were many fascinating theories and, finally, all was revealed when the egg ‘hatched’ overnight. If you would like to see what came out, you will find a link on the Reception page of the website.

As part of our commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle, we always have lots of sporting clubs and competitions organised for the children to enjoy. Recently teams from Oakworth have competed in football, cross-country and swimming and the children always do themselves and the school proud. We are lucky to have great support from parents and enthusiastic staff who give up their free time to facilitate these important opportunities- indeed, special thanks this week must go to Mrs Sells and Mr Travers for spending Saturday evening cheering on our swimmers at Shipley Pool. Mrs Sells keeps the website updated with all of our activities and successes, so please click the ‘Sports and Fixtures’ section for more information.

Finally, the progress with our new, electronic gates has been slower than expected and there have been a few ‘technical issues’, but we expect this work to be completed in the near future. Thank you for bearing with us whilst we continue this essential project to secure the school site.


Kind regards,

Mrs J. Mayo

February 17 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,

Another half-term draws to a close today and marks the halfway point in the academic year. How time flies! We hope that you and your children enjoy the break next week.

As part of our statutory safeguarding duties, staff and governors constantly review practice in school to ensure that your children are absolutely safe when they are in our care. A major part of this work has been the securing of the school site and the fences that we have added during the past year have helped the children to feel safe and protected in their school environment and have also prevented vandalism outside school hours. The next stage of this work will be the installation of electronic gates at various access points around the site, which will be opened at the beginning and end of the school day. It is hoped that these gates will be installed during the half-term break and this will mean that all visitors to school should please use the main entrance at other times. A camera will be installed at this gate, so that our Office Staff can identify visitors and allow them access to the site.

During the past fortnight, school has received three complaints about parking. One was from a local resident (on Dockroyd Lane) who was unable to access her home due to inconsiderate parking; the second from the Doctors’ Surgery, who have asked me to remind you that their car park is private and reserved for surgery users and the third from a parent, who had been forced to walk to school in the road with small children because cars were blocking the pavement. I know that we struggle with parking space around school, but please could you all think carefully about where you leave your car, to ensure that no accidents are caused and that we show consideration to our neighbours. A suggestion might be to park at a distance from school and then walk with your children – which is also a great way for the whole family to get fit!

Today we are bidding a fond farewell to Mrs Aspinall, who has worked in Early Years for the past sixteen years. The children and staff will miss her infectious smile, care and compassion (and, of course, her amazing dancing)! We would all like to wish her well and to thank her for helping to ensure that so many children at Oakworth Primary got the best possible start to their education.

Finally, we have been struggling in recent weeks with recurrent outbreaks of head lice. Please could you all try to ‘Break the Cycle’ this half term, by checking and treating your children’s hair this weekend and again later in the week and next weekend, to ensure that any lice and eggs are definitely gone. Treatments can be bought at chemists and supermarkets but a comb and cheap hair conditioner works just as well. In this way, the children can all come back to school on 27th February free of these annoying pests.


Kind regards,

Mrs J. Mayo

February 10 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you very much to those of you who were able to attend our mid-year Parents’ Consultation Evening yesterday. The school greatly values the partnership that we have with parents/carers and the fantastic support that the children receive at home, which plays an important part in their learning and progress. We hope that you found it useful to talk to staff and governors and that you left the building feeling justifiably proud of the achievements of your wonderful children!

Mrs Owen, our Computing and Science Leader, has spoken to me this week regarding her concerns about some of the social media sites accessed by children outside school. She has asked me to forward this important e-Safety message to you all:

“School feels it is our responsibility to raise this particular issue as a growing concern, due to the increase in the use of social media sites such as: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and other texting sites. Many of these websites have an age restriction of at least 13 years of age. We understand that it is increasingly difficult to keep up with the ways our that our children are using new and ever changing technologies, as they are immersed in a society that has become dependent on powerful computers; including smart phones, iPads, interactive online games and virtual communities. Websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and, to name but a few, offer fantastic opportunities for communication and social connections, however they are created with their audience in mind; especially sites such as Facebook and Instagram which are specifically for those over 13 years old. We recommend that all parents visit the CEOP Think U Know website for more information and would also recommend the following awareness websites: and

We have enjoyed a number of special events in school this week, as part of our commitment to maintaining a broad and balanced curriculum for the children. On Wednesday, Reception to Year 4 watched an exciting live performance of ‘Aladdin’ from M&M Productions, a visiting Theatre Group and yesterday Year 3 Kangaroos put on their own amazing performance for us all with their ‘Natural Disasters’ class assembly. As part of their ‘Superheroes’ topic, Reception was visited by a team of local firefighters (one of whom is also a superhero parent) who brought their fire engine into the playground. The children had a wonderful time squirting the hose and sitting in the cab, before making us all jump by sounding the siren!

Finally, Mr Hutchinson and the Year 6 Recycling Team will be displaying all lost property on tables outside Year 3 after school next Thursday. Please come along and retrieve any possessions that your child may have mislaid and the school will then recycle unwanted items.


Kind regards,

Mrs J. Mayo

January 27 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you all very much for your feedback regarding the use of the new, cursive handwriting font in written communications from school. It has been pointed out that this font is proving difficult to read and that it is not dyslexia friendly. Having discussed this in school, our staff agree and so, as you can see from this letter, we have made the decision to revert to more ‘traditional’ typed fonts (Arial, Comic Sans and Calibri) for documents that need to be read. The cursive font will, however, still be taught and utilised for handwriting right through the school, so please encourage your children to keep practising this at home and using it for homework tasks.

As I write, we are busy pressing on with our plans to offer a number of thirty-hour Nursery places in September, in response to demand from local, working families. This is a new Government initiative and, thanks to the foresight and careful financial planning of our Governing Body, I am proud to say that Oakworth is one of the first schools in Bradford to facilitate this provision. We are currently waiting for final information from the Department for Education regarding the process that parents will need to follow to check eligibility and will be in touch as soon as possible with further details for those who have registered an interest.

If you drop off your children near the main entrance, I am sure that you will have noticed that our Lost Property bin is again bursting at the seams. The Year 6 Ambassadors spend a great deal of their own time trying to check the bin and return named items of clothing, but it seems to be a never-ending task! Please could I ask you all to speak to your children regarding the care of their possessions and let’s see if we can cut down this needless waste of time and effort.

Finally, you should have also received an invitation letter to our Spring Consultation Evening (on Thursday 9th February) in your child’s book bag today. We hope that as many of you as possible will be able to attend, to meet your child’s teacher and hear about progress at this mid-point of the school year and how you can continue to support your child’s learning at home.


Kind regards,         

Mrs J. Mayo

January 5 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,

First and foremost, on behalf of all Oakworth Primary staff and governors, I would like to wish our school families a very happy New Year. We hope that 2017 will prove to be a wonderful one for you all.

The children have bounced back into school this week, after the excitement of the Christmas festivities and are enjoying a variety of ‘stunning starts’ to launch their new topics.

Yesterday saw the Year 5 Mad Professors busily experimenting with various media, with some surprising (and very messy) results! As I write, Year 2 are braving the cold to discover what life was like for the inhabitants of Skipton Castle and Year 4 are racing around the school grounds hunting for treasure. There is certainly never a dull moment here!

Last term, those of you with children in Years 3-6 will have been introduced to ‘Bug Club’ by our Reading Leader, Mrs Ambrose. This comprehensive online resource allows children to access a range of texts at school and at home, which are specially allocated for them to match their reading ability. Feedback from the children tells us that this has been a great success, so much so that we have decided to invest in the scheme for our younger children. All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 should therefore shortly receive a letter from Mrs Ambrose, explaining how they can log into their account and get started.

Finally, Mrs Olsson has asked me to let you know that the current price for school dinners is £1.60 per day; £8.00 per week or £54.40 if you prefer to pay for the full half-term. I would also like to give you advance notice of this term’s Parents Consultation Evening, which will take place on Thursday 9th February from 4-7pm.


Kind regards, 

Mrs J. Mayo

December 6 2016


Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you all so much for supporting our Christmas Fayre last Friday afternoon; we were delighted to see so many families and friends attending and we hope that the children had a great time! A grand total of £860.19 was raised and this will go into our School Fund, to directly benefit the children. Special thanks to Mrs Scargill and her team of volunteer parent helpers and staff, who worked so hard behind the scenes to make sure that the event was a success.

Those of you who attended the Fayre will have seen the children’s beautiful, hand-made Christmas decorations adorning the school and the excitement is definitely building as we approach the Christmas festivities. Our Nursery and Reception children have been busy practising for their Nativity performances and we look forward to seeing those on Friday 9th at 10am and 2pm (Nursery) and Wednesday 14th at 10:15am and 2:15pm (Reception). We have this term’s Going for Gold Assemblies on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th (both starting at 9:15am) and we will also be enjoying our annual Christmas Dinner on Thursday 15th December, so please fill in a menu this week if you would like to order a meal for your child.

As I mentioned in my previous letter, the ‘Carols By Candlelight’ event will take place in the Hall on Monday 12th at 5:30pm and this will be followed by Holden Park’s ‘Carols in The Park’ at 6:30pm, which I know many of you attended and enjoyed last year. John Rogers, our local Vicar and School Governor, would also like to extend an invitation to all creative families to join in the fun at a ‘Christmas Crafts’ morning at Christ Church on Saturday 17th, from 10am – 2pm.

Also our children may like to swap their school jumpers for a Christmas Jumper on the final day of the term (not total non-uniform) when the whole school except Nursery will be taking a trip up to church.

With all the comings and goings during this busy time of year, the issue of parking around school has again been raised. Please could I remind you that no cars should be parked on the zig-zags on Station Road and Dockroyd Lane, as this really endangers the walking route to school for pedestrians. Even stopping briefly to drop off a child blocks the pedestrian entrances to the school grounds and you will all appreciate that access to our school is difficult enough due to the high volume of passing traffic. In my time at Oakworth, I have seen two children hit by cars on Station Road - let’s all ensure that there are no more; by slowing down in the surrounding streets and parking considerately.

Finally, the Office Team have asked me to let you know that should you not wish your child to be photographed in school for the website or local newspapers, please could you let us know by the end of term, otherwise the school will assume that permission has been given.


Kind regards,       

Mrs J. Mayo

November 22, 2016


Dear Parents and Carers,

First and foremost, thank you all so much for your generous donations to the Children In Need ‘Spectacular’ last Friday. Our spotty children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the fun and the final total raised by the school was a fantastic £737.50, which we have forwarded to the appeal on your behalf.

As part of their ‘Sherwood Shenanigans’ topic, Year 5 are the latest year group to take part in our new Forest Schools programme. They have been busy exploring the woods surrounding Holden Park and building fires on which to cook their own food. In true Robin Hood style, the children have also practised their archery skills on the school banking’s – and have fortunately managed to avoid shooting any birds and passing wildlife!

Last Friday saw our school choir taking part in the ‘Primary Music Live’ event at Victoria Hall in Keighley. They represented the school wonderfully and treat us all to a song in yesterday’s assembly. We look forward to more of their lovely singing at the ‘Carols by Candlelight’ on Monday 12th December. Please feel free to come along at 5:30pm with your family to join in this seasonal musical event.

Year 4 Cheetahs also entertained us on Friday with their brilliant Egyptian class assembly. It is great to see how much the children in school enjoy sharing their learning with their families and friends and it never ceases to amaze me how talented they all are! Well done to everyone involved.

A little while ago, I let you know about our new, healthier dinner menu choices and I hope that your children have enjoyed trying the new dishes on offer (I know that I certainly have)! Our levels of waste have been significantly reduced, which is a very positive sign. Please can I ask you again to ensure that all meals that are ordered are actually taken up by the children. We wasted 65 meals at a cost of £158.40 to the school last month.

Finally, you will have noticed that this letter comes to you in our new school handwriting font. Right from Reception, where the children are practising ‘lead in’ strokes to their letters, the school is working hard to ensure that every child practises and develops a clear, cursive handwriting style. We would ask you all to encourage your children to demonstrate their beautiful handwriting when completing work with you at home, so that this important life skill becomes embedded as soon as possible for them all.

Many thanks for your continued support.


Kind regards,       

Mrs J. Mayo

November 11, 2016


Dear Parents and Carers,

I am delighted to tell you that yesterday saw the official launch of the Bronte Academy Trust!

Our School Council visited Haworth Parsonage and enjoyed a guided walk around the village and church with their fellow councillors from Lees and Haworth, before tucking into a special celebratory lunch; which was also attended by groups of parents, staff, governors and trustees. It was great to see representatives of all three schools getting to know each other and particularly lovely to witness the children sharing the excitement of this new collaboration.

Our councillors have been busy sharing their impressions of the launch in school today and all of the children have been given a specially made pencil as a memento. We are now looking forward to lots of new learning initiatives together- starting with a special ‘Bronte Brain’ challenge day on Monday!

As always, the weeks leading up to Christmas will be extremely busy ones in school. We are all looking forward to the Early Years’ nativity performances, our Christmas Fayre, the magical Carols by Candlelight evening and lots of seasonal fun!

To help you and your family make sure that you don’t miss any of these events, a list of important dates is below:



Monday 14th – ‘Bronte Brain’ Day

Monday 14th – Year 6 SATs Information Meeting at 5:30pm

Tuesday 15th – Years 1, 2 and 3 Flu Immunisations

Friday 18th - 4 Cheetahs’ Class Assembly

Friday 18th – School Choir to Victoria Hall for ‘Primary Music Live’

Tuesday 22nd – 5 Jaguars’ Bronte Music Project Performance: Haworth at 6:30pm.



Friday 2nd – Oakworth Primary Christmas Fayre (1:30 – 3:15pm)

Friday 9th – Nursery Nativity performances for parents

Monday 12th - Carols by Candlelight: 5:30- 6:30pm (followed by Carols in Holden Park)

Tuesday 13th – Year 1 Pantomime Trip

Wednesday 14th – Reception Nativity performances for parents

Friday 16th – End of Autumn Term.

We look forward to celebrating this special time of year with you all.


Kind regards,                                                                                                      

Mrs J. Mayo

October 20, 2016


Dear Parents and Carers,

Today sees the end of the first half-term of this academic year. How the time has flown! The children have made a fabulous start in their new classes and we look forward to telling you all about their learning at our Parent-Teacher Consultation Meetings this evening.

Many thanks for all of the generous Harvest Festival offerings that we received for our celebration assembly on Monday. Bryony spoke to the children about the importance of sharing their good fortune with others and Year 6 today took your donations to the Oakworth Luncheon Club and passed them on to some of the elderly residents in our community. As always, the children were given a warm welcome and the Harvest bags were very gratefully received.

On the subject of food, we hope that you have enjoyed choosing your child’s school lunches for the first week after the holidays, from our newly designed menu. In our bid to make Oakworth Primary a healthy school, our catering staff have been working hard to re-design provision for lunches, Breakfast Club and Care Club, to ensure that the children receive lots of fresh, healthy dishes, made with local, seasonal produce. Portion sizes and the correct balance of food types have been carefully checked, to ensure that children who have several meals in school receive the right balance of nutrition during the day.

Please could you lend your support to this initiative by only sending fresh fruit as a snack for your child at playtime and also by ensuring that all meals that are ordered are actually taken up (we had £228 worth of wasted meals in the last month). This will help us continue to provide top-quality nutrition for every child.

Finally, we are saying goodbye today to two members of staff, Mrs Moran and Mr Bickerton, who are leaving Oakworth for new adventures. The School would like to thank them for all of their hard work on behalf of the children and wish them both all the best for the future.

Have a wonderful half-term holiday and we will see the children again when the school doors re-open at 8:45am on Monday 31st October.


Kind regards,

Mrs J. Mayo

October 10, 2016


Dear Parents and Carers,

What a fantastic time our Year 6 children had last week!

Those who took part in the residential visit to Lockerbie Manor were kept busy exploring the beautiful Scottish countryside and tackled exciting, outdoor-learning activities like: mountain biking, climbing, canoeing, hill-walking and fencing (to name just a few). They also learnt valuable life-skills and strengthened bonds of friendship that will last far beyond their five days away from home.

Back in Oakworth, the rest of the year group launched our ‘Toys for Little Oaks’ appeal in style by organising a disco for children across school to enjoy. They showed us what great teamwork could achieve, as they raised a brilliant £195.57 in just one morning and then rounded off the week by working as School Improvement Ambassadors in the younger classes.    

Of course, our pupils would not be able to experience these new challenges without the time, effort and goodwill of Oakworth Primary staff, so thanks are due to Mr Travers and the whole Year 6 staffing team for making it such a memorable week for the children. Thank you also to all of you, for supporting this fundraising event.

Now that Autumn is here, it is again time to give thanks for the food that we have during our annual Harvest Assembly with Reverend Bryony Partridge, which will take place next Monday, 17th October.

As part of this assembly, we will be talking about Nature’s crops and also thinking about people from around the world who don’t have enough to eat. Please could we ask you to donate at least one tin or packet, which is still in date and can be displayed on this special occasion? We will then ask our older children to help us distribute these items to elderly residents in the local community and any remaining food will be donated to the Salvation Army food bank.

Finally, if you have children in Reception, KS1 or KS2, you should today be receiving an invitation to our Parent-Teacher consultation meetings next Thursday. Please complete and send back the form attached to that letter, if you would like to make an appointment to speak to your child’s teacher(s).


Kind regards,                                                                                             

Mrs J. Mayo

October 3, 2016


Dear Parents and Carers,

I must start by apologising for not blogging last week- what a busy one it was!

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our Bronte Academy Trust picnic on Tuesday, due to bad weather, but we hope to get the children and their peers at Lees and Haworth together as ‘Bronte Buddies’ in the very near future. On Wednesday evening, teaching staff from the three schools met to share ideas, planning and expertise and all went away feeling really excited about the benefits that working together in the Trust will bring for the children.

Staff in school are also very busy at the moment planning lots of exciting trips to enhance learning outside the classroom. Both Year 3 classes have already visited Cliffe Castle Museum (to learn about life in the Stone, Iron and Bronze Ages) and Year 6 Harriers visited Airedale last week to practise some essential life-saving first aid skills. Year 5 are looking forward to their visit to Bradford Industrial Museum; Year 2 are heading off to Eureka and Year 1 children will soon be hearing about their special Christmas treat! I am always so proud of the the feedback that we receive when our children have been out of school; namely that they are polite, well-behaved and a credit to us all.

This morning we waved off many of our Year 6 children and some very excited members of staff on their Lockerbie residential visit. The sun was shining and spirits were high, so I am sure that they will all have a fantastic time. Staff will be tweeting on the school website for parents who wish to follow their progress.

The school recently received a query from a parent who was unsure of the correct holiday dates for the rest of this year. We must again apologise for the incorrect dates that are printed on the ‘holiday cards’ that were sent home with the children in the summer. The correct dates are on the school website, so please check those if you are planning Spring Bank or Summer holiday trips away.

Finally, just a reminder that Year 2’s assembly will take place on Thursday 14th October at 9:15am. All parents, family and friends will be very welcome to come along and share their learning.


Kind regards,                                                                                                    

Mrs J. Mayo

September 23, 2016


Dear Parents and Carers,

I am very pleased to be able to tell you all that, on 1st September, Haworth Primary became the third academy school in the Bronte Academy Trust. Oakworth children from Reception to Year 6 and staff (not Nursery children on this occasion) along Lees & Haworth children will be celebrating the launch of the Trust with a joint picnic (in Haworth) next Tuesday lunchtime. At this event, the children will meet their peers from the other Trust schools and begin to form new friendships.

Many of you have already ordered packed lunches from the school kitchen and these will be brought up to Haworth by staff, for the children to enjoy. Please could we ask that all other lunches brought from home are in disposable carrier bags and that food is packed in throw-away wrapping. The children will also need to wear walking shoes or trainers and have a waterproof coat for the walk up to Haworth. Let’s hope the weather is kind to us all!

On the subject of food, I have received the results of data from the National Child Measurement Programme, regarding our Year 6 and Reception children. The NCMP aims to reduce levels of childhood obesity, which is a leading concern for health and wellbeing. Research clearly shows that maintaining a healthy weight is not only important for a child’s physical, social and mental wellbeing, but also for their capacity to do well in school.

Nationally, 9.1% of Reception children are obese (the figure for our school is 8.9%) and 19.1% of Year 6 children are obese (14.5% in our school). The school works hard to ensure that children understand the importance of a healthy diet and to promote an active lifestyle and we are delighted to see that this is impacting so positively on our children’s health.

Finally, Mrs Olsson has asked me to remind you that the cost of school dinners increased slightly from £1.55 to £1.60 at the beginning of this term. The figure for the full half-term is £52.80. Year 3 children are also now not eligible for Infant Free School Meals, so their school lunches will be charged at the above rate.


Kind regards,

Mrs J. Mayo

September 16, 2016


Dear Parents and Carers,

We are now settling in to the Autumn term and the children have been enjoying ‘Stunning Starts’ to immerse them into their new class topics. Earlier this week, Year 3 explored the caves and woods in Holden Park, as they imagined life in Stone Age Britain; Year 5 rolled back time and spent the day in ‘Victorian School’ and Year 2 worked up a sweat in a ‘body blitz’ session!

Our Reception children have been sampling their very first school lunches and we have been so impressed with their lovely manners, healthy appetites and willingness to give everything a try. We look forward to them spending full days in school next week and learning all about themselves and their families.

On Tuesday, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of the brilliant Roald Dahl with lots of fun reading activities and a competition to draw/collage/model a favourite Roald Dahl book character. Mrs Ambrose (formerly Miss Porter) had a lovely day visiting classrooms and reading books with the children and she has asked me to thank you all for sending in books to share and so many amazing, creative competition entries. It certainly was a special day for the school. The winners of the character competition will be announced in today’s achievement assembly and they will each receive a new book to enjoy at home.

As well as getting stuck into their learning, Year 6 are busy preparing for their residential visit to Lockerbie Manor on the Scottish Borders. There they will be exploring the great outdoors and climbing, walking, canoeing, cycling and generally having a wonderful time! It is hard to tell who is more excited about the visit; the children, or the lucky members of staff who will be sharing this special experience with them. Certainly, Mr Travers is busy dusting off his hiking boots, Miss Million and Mrs Ambrose are limbering up for the high ropes and Mrs Osborne and Mrs Moran are packing their swimming costumes and getting ready for action!

In fact, all of the children in school will be getting a taste of the great outdoors this year as we will be introducing ‘Forest Schools’ sessions as part of our outdoor learning curriculum. Each class from Reception to Year 6 will have the opportunity to work with a Forest Schools specialist in our fantastic local environment and will take part in activities linked to their class topics. This is an exciting new project for the school and we hope that the children will enjoy discovering a different pathway to learning.

Finally, I would just like to give you plenty of notice of the date for our first Parents’ Evening of the year for children in the main school. This will take place on Thursday 20th October from 4 – 7pm and will give you all the opportunity to meet your child’s new class teacher(s) to discuss your child’s learning.


Kind regards,

Mrs J. Mayo

September 1, 2016


Dear Parents and Carers,

A very warm welcome to the new school year to all of our children and families; especially those of you who are joining our school community for the first time. I hope that you all had a fantastic Summer break and had lots of family fun together in the sunshine- and the rain!

I am delighted to say that the children are settling really well into their new classes and are already engrossed in their learning and getting to know their teachers and the adults who will be supporting them this year.

Before the holidays, the school sent out a questionnaire to ask parents in the locality asking how they would like us to respond to the Government’s 30 hours offer for Nursery provision from 2017. We received a great response and, as a result, I am delighted to tell you that we will be offering more flexible provision and opening a second Nursery class from next September.

Although the school was unable to secure funding from the DfE to facilitate this extra provision, the Governing Body is committed to supporting local families and providing the best possible start in education for children. They have therefore committed money from the school budget to set up the new class and our fundraising efforts in school this year will go towards equipping it to the highest possible standards.

This class will offer 30 hours of Nursery provision to eligible (working) families and will run alongside our existing 15 hours Nursery class. As a majority of parents also told us that they would prefer to have two and a half concurrent days in our 15 hours Nursery, rather than the present mornings or afternoons, we will also be offering this from next year. All children attending Nursery will be able to enjoy a freshly cooked lunch from our school kitchens, along with the rest of the school.

We are very excited about this expansion project and I will, of course, keep you all updated on our progress. We will also be inviting all interested parents to attend a Nursery Open Day later in the year.

Finally, we are lucky at Oakworth to work alongside the excellent School Nursing Service and our School Nurse, Joanna Slater, will be holding a number of drop-in sessions this year to support families with various health needs. The first of these will be on 22nd September, when the focus will be on oral hygiene and the second on 20th October, which will focus on Autistic Spectrum Disorders. The sessions will run from 8:15 – 9:45am and parents are warmly invited to attend with or without their children.


Kind regards,

Mrs J. Mayo

June 23, 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

As I mentioned last week, it’s that time of year when the children start to think about their new classes for September. Our transition afternoon is next Wednesday, 29th June and each class from Reception to Year 5 will have the opportunity to visit their new classroom and will start to get to know their new teacher(s) and support staff.

Firstly, we have a number of staffing changes that I need to make you aware of. Earlier this term, I informed you that our Assistant Headteacher, Miss Coulton, had accepted a permanent post at Oakbank to teach Maths in Key Stage 3. Her place has been filled at school by an experienced Assistant Headteacher from Lister Primary in Bradford, Miss Blott, who will be based in Year 3 and will lead our Year 2/3 phase.

After eleven happy years at our school, Mrs Kenniford has also now decided that it is time for a new challenge and she has dusted off her Maths degree and accepted a part-time teaching role, also at Oakbank. Her position at Oakworth will be filled by a second, experienced Assistant Headteacher, Miss Layfield, who is joining us from St Malachy’s Primary in Halifax. Miss Layfield will be based in Year 5 and will be leading our Year 4/5/6 phase next year.

Congratulations are due to Mr Oakes and Miss Facer, who have secured teaching jobs in other schools to broaden their experience in the profession. Mr Oakes will become Maths Leader at Riddlesden Primary and Miss Facer will be teaching in Year 1 at Glusburn Primary in North Yorkshire. An experienced Year 1 teacher, Miss Quinlan, has been appointed to join us in September, Mrs Pearson will be a new teacher in Reception and we are currently recruiting a KS2 teacher to complete our teaching team in that part of the school.

From our Teaching Assistant team, Mrs Cruikshank, who has so ably supported children across school for seventeen years, has decided to retire. She plans to spend more time with her family - but also to volunteer as a helper in school, so I am sure that we will still see plenty of her.

On behalf of the children, staff and governors, I would like to thank all of these staff for their dedication and professionalism during their time at Oakworth. We will miss them all and wish them all the best with their exciting new adventures!

Finally, I am delighted to inform you that Mrs Clifford is expecting her first baby in the Autumn, so she will not be taking a class responsibility in September.


Listed below are the classes for September:

Current Class/Teacher(s)

New Class/Teacher(s)

Reception Penguins (Mrs Scott)

Year 1 Dolphins (Miss Quinlan)

Reception Huskies (Miss Clayton)

Year 1 Whales (Miss Harrison)

Year 1 Whales (Miss Harrison)

Year 2 Lions (Mrs Garner)

Year 1 Dolphins (Miss Facer)

Year 2 Tigers (Mrs Wise)

Year 2 Lions (Mrs Garner)

Year 3 Monkeys (Miss Blott/Mr Bradley)

Year 2 Tigers (Mrs Wise)

Year 3 Kangaroos (Mr Fawcett)

Year 3 Kangaroos (Mr Fawcett)

Year 4 Cheetahs (Miss Robinson)

Year 3 Monkeys (Miss Wimbles)

Year 4 Panthers (Mrs Sells/New KS2 Teacher)

Year 4 Panthers (Mrs Sells/Mrs Kenniford)

Year 5 Leopards (Miss Wimbles)

Year 4 Cheetahs (Miss Robinson)

Year 5 Jaguars (Miss Layfield/New KS2 Teacher)

Year 5 Jaguars (Mr Oakes)

Year 6 Falcons (Miss Million)

Year 5 Leopards (Mrs Clifford)

Year 6 Harriers (Miss Porter)


I hope that the children have an exciting and positive afternoon, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns about your child and their transition.


Kind regards,

Mrs Mayo

June 16, 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to the last part of the school year- we hope that you all enjoyed the extra-long Spring Bank holiday and had lots of family fun together! As you are already aware, there are lots of exciting learning events and activities planned for this busy half term:

Multi-Cultural Week – Monday 13th to Friday 17th June inclusive. On Friday we will all be enjoying Banghra Dance and Dohl Drumming Workshops.

Year 6 Trip to Lightwater Valley – Monday 20th June.

‘Wow Start’ for whole-school topic – Tuesday 21st June.

Nursery Closed (for new children to visit) – Thursday 23rd June.

New Nursery Parents’ Meeting – Monday 27th June at 6pm.

Year 6 Transition Day (children in school visiting their new classes for the afternoon) - Wednesday 29th June. All Nursery children attend PM at 12:15. No morning session.

Year 2/3 Transition Meeting – Thursday 30th June at 3:30pm.

New Reception Parents’ Information Meeting - Monday 4th July at 6pm.

Sports’ Day – Wednesday 6th July: Years 3-6- morning.    Reception/Years 1-2 – afternoon

Whole School Trip (School and Nursery) – Thursday 14th July.

Parents’ Evening – Tuesday 19th July: 4 to 7pm inclusive.

Year 6 Cabaret – Thursday 21st July at 6pm.

End of the School Year – Friday 22nd July.

More detailed information about each of these will be sent to you shortly and the theme for this year’s whole school topic will be revealed next Tuesday, along with the destination and arrangements for our whole school trip on 14th July.

Mrs Olsson would like to advise you all that dinner money for this half term will be £46.50 (£1.55 per day/£7.75 per week). Please could you ensure that any money owed is paid in full before the end of the school year, as we currently have over £1000 outstanding!

Congratulations to Year 6, who worked hard during Community Week to help various groups and businesses in the locality. They were a credit to the school and showed us again what responsible, polite and mature young people they have become. In amongst, the children also took to two wheels to complete their Cycling Proficiency Training and all passed with flying colours. Brilliant!

I recently had a message from a resident of Holden View, outlining a catalogue of difficulties that she has encountered at the beginning and end of the school day. She has been subject to regular inconvenience and, at times, has even suffered verbal abuse from car drivers. Please can I appeal to you to park considerately when you drop and collect your children and to enjoy the summer weather and alleviate congestion by walking to school, if at all possible.

On the same subject, a parent informed me of a dog fight at the school gates, which was a distressing incident for the parents and children who witnessed it. As even the friendliest dog can be startled by crowds of strangers, please avoid waiting with dogs so near to school entrances.

Finally, some of the children are already thinking ahead to September and asking me about their new classes. They will be getting the chance to meet their new teachers and support staff during the afternoon of Wednesday 29th June, so I will write to you at the end of next week to give you all of the relevant information.


Kind regards,

Mrs Mayo