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English at Oakworth


We are passionate about delivering high quality teaching and learning of English. Our staff are committed to helping children develop the necessary skills and knowledge that will enable them to communicate effectively and creatively with the world at large, through spoken and written language. Reading is at the heart of our curriculum, and we place much emphasis on reading for enjoyment, exposing our children to a rich variety of carefully chosen literature, both in daily guided reading sessions and our English units.

Each English learning journey always begins with a high quality text to encourage and enthuse children to write for different purposes. Stage related National Curriculum grammar skills, punctuation and spelling is woven into each unit, to ensure that children have excellent writing outcomes.

We endeavour to provide many creative opportunities for spoken language through drama and role play and digital literacy. We expose children a rich language environment to develop vocabulary acquisition from an early age. In Early Years and Year 1, daily phonics is taught systematically using the (DfE) Letters & Sounds resource. Children are regularly screened, and we have excellent annual pass rates in Year 1. We have found parental involvement very successful when they take an active role in helping with their child’s learning.


Whole School Overview

Every half term we begin our units with quality children's texts, and plan for a range of reading and writing opportunities from 'Prediction to Publishing'. Using the latest evidenced based research (endorsed by EEF and CLPE), we expose children to a variety of genres, writing for different audiences and purposes to develop their English skills in a meaningful way.  

Year Group Long Term Planning

Please find further details of year group long term planning in the file below

 Year Group Long Term Planning
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