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Eco Council

The School Eco Council is a group of pupils who have been elected to encourage the whole school to work together to make our community an eco friendly environment.

The Eco Council is now in it’s sixth year. Some members have been with us from the start for continuity and progression to leadership roles, others have been elected each year from years 3, 4, and 5. Mrs Lobley is our Staff representative.

We are linked to Eco Schools England and are working through their award system of Bronze Award, Silver Award and Green Flag. Last year we were very proud to gain our Eco Schools Bronze Award.

This year’s council is to be elected in October 2017 and each councillor is a member of a sub-committee.

Waste management committee
have been working hard to help school reduce the amount of waste we produce and to recycle our waste responsibly. They have met with Bradford Council and our site manager to work out the best waste system to use. They have made recycling signs for waste bins and are monitoring the waste disposal. Year 6 empty our recycle bins twice a week. We bought a paper brick maker which we used to recycle old newspapers and sold them at the school fair.

Gardening Committee
Last year the council were awarded funds of £100 from Keighley Town Council to buy a wildlife camera, this has now been purchased so we are looking forward to using this throughout school. Following the success of last years session, the gardening committee have are organising another family working party in our school grounds, this is to take place on Tuesday March 3rd after school and all families are welcome to join in the fun!

Energy Committee
have organised an assembly at which one of our grandparents spoke about the way his council works with schools to promote energy efficiency. They also did an energy walk around our school, with representatives from Bradford Council, to see how our energy usage could be improved.

Pupil participation
have encouraged the rest of the school to get involved by reporting on our noticeboard , planning school assemblies and awarding eco-friendly staff our staff ECO award. They are busy planning our next event for Fair trade Fortnight.