About Oakworth Primary


Description of the school:

This semi-rural primary school is much larger than average, with additional Nursery provision for 52 children. Most pupils come from the immediate locality. It is a popular school and has waiting lists for some year groups. Socio-economically the school is broadly average as is pupils’ attainment on entry. The proportion of pupils with learning difficulties and/or disabilities is slightly below average but an above average proportion has a statement of special educational need.

(Ofsted 2007)


Oakworth Primary Comparative Report

The children at Oakworth Primary say that... 

  • We all work hard.
  • We are kind and helpful.
  • We achieve great things.
  • We are the best.

Oakworth Buddies

Year 2 have been given the responsibility of helping Reception settle into their life at Oakworth Primary School. They are working with them throughout the year to promote confidence and independence.


This includes:

  • reading stories.
  • helping them complete tasks; such as getting changed for PE.
  • playing games at playtimes.


Oakworth Ambassadors              

The role of the Year 6 Oakworth Ambassadors is to promote the ethos and values of Oakworth Primary School and represent the pupils in our school.


Ambassadors are smart, polite and helpful at all times; set a good example to younger children and  assist adults in the successful running of the school.